Big Sale! Yoyofactory, yoyojam, Higby, takeshi Duncan,EKG n' more!

Photos are in that link.

Black Nova - 30
Throwmonkey - 7 (only shipped with another yoyo)
Takeshi Avenger Hub Mod - 40
Higby Big Ben - 30
Mayhem (black) - 50
Cosmo - 45
Bird in hand Renegade - 30
Red 888 10’ edition w/ jimmy hats - 65
Trans Renegade - 15
Spinfaktor - 20
One of a kind small translucent rimmed yyj - 30
counter attack - 22
Half pad recessed half splatter painted zero - 15
New Breed - 30
Offstring Proto - 25
EKG - 55

More going up tomorrow, please purchase, all are negotiable. Trying to support a more minimalist lifestyle.



How much is the Cosmo mod? or is it not for sale and just in the pics?

didnt see pics of the MayheM…

Then you didn’t look close enough :smiley:

there is not one mayhem in that entire gallery, i checked again, im positive

Oh look, the picture fairy came!

Next time, read the post more thoroughly lol.

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