Big Sale! Cheap Prices! One Drop, CLYW, C3yoyodesign

Hey guys. Selling some throws here.

First off is a very rare one drop prototype for sale. This is a halifax. It is a “Dietz” prototype. Halifax was the name chosen before they chose dietz. There were only around 20 made. It has some light vibe. There are about 6 small barely noticeable pricks around the yoyo, and where It says “Halifax” on the outer ring it has some pinpricks that are noticeable, but aren’t as bad as they look. It also says “team member tester prototype v6.3” Takes side-effects. $75

Red One Drop Rally. Has two tiny nicks, and a small white mark on it. $23

Next is a Pink Summit with blue side effects. Has two tiny pinpricks right next to each other. Very smooth. $85 OBO.

C3 Yoyodesign Blue Darkstar. B-Grade. Plays really nice. Has some nicks around the edge of the yoyo. Tiny vibe. Great throw. $25

Last is a Spin Dynamics Nickel Flow. Some Ano flaw spots in the inner ring outside the yoyo. Little vibe. Plays great. $45

Package deal:

$150 for the summit, Darkstar, and flow.


nice throws dude

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