"Big glasses" a yoyo flick


my latest tricks tell me what you think??



A fantastic video. I love your style. ;D


very good i realy liked the binds.
and i would love to see a tutorial of those tricks :wink:


tuts would be great


Im not the best at tuts and am a bit busy with freestyles for uk nationals but will see what i can do.


those glasses were epicly snazzy :o




Awesome, those moves were epic! Keep it up! ;D

(gee_) #9

you have some pretty cool elements


those binds were amazing

(DOGS) #11

I really enjoyed that

(Thomas) #12

Sweet vid and now everybody knows not to mess with a guy who gots glasses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats the song ??


A fantastic video. I love your style 8)