Bi Metal Rings

Do you like Titanium or Stainless steel rings? Also, inside (Like the Rapid or Phaser) or outside (like the Space Cowboy)

Outside SS like on the Cowboy and Draupnir

I also have a couple question regarding to this and YYJ patent"

  1. If the weight rings are on the inside opposed to the outside of the rim does that still infringe on the patent?
  2. if the weight rings are heavier aluminum apposed to a differnt metal, Does that still infringe on the patent?
  3. does the patent only cover metal on metal, or is metal weight rings on plastic still covered under this patent?

-I’ve tried to read over all the legal stipulations on the license. But it didn ot make a whole lot of sense to me. A lot bunch legal mumbo jumbo to me and my simple mind :wink:

^^^Exactly my reaction

  1. no

  2. no Al alloy is substantially heavier by a large enough margin to really matter very much at all… but if the patent was deemed enforceable on metal/metal (or anything) then yes. It refers to density, not material.

  3. the patent is designed specifically for plastic/metal as that is the vast majority of the yyj product line, and what they built their company on.

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Thank you for the clarification.
The real reason behind me asking is because Luke Renner had a video of him using the new Magic Yo-Yo silencer. I commented asking about it , the M001-b version, “picture attached” and he told me “it is not bi-metal” and I was just curious as to what definition would not constitute this throw as bi-metal.

  • *i’m inclined to assume Luke knows what he is talking bout. So I am also inclined to assume we have a differnt definition of bi-metal lol

Luke’s a cool dude. He knows his stuff. Talked with him on the phone. He said they were just a different color of aluminum. Same alloy.

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Hahahahaha no way? You called Luke Renner over my question? Lol, thank you but that may have been a little much lol. I had a hunch that it could have been differnt color aluminum but Magic’s website desrcription puzzled me further. “Body Material 6061 Aluminum and alloy ring”
So there is a ring added, but it’s the same 6061 aluminum I guess? Just there for looks.

  • looking at that picture further it has the width listed as 40mm. If that is correct that thing is pretty darn thin.

Brass rings

I did contact him. However that was a couple days ago, before this thread was even started. Luke and I are good friends and he helped me get into yoyoing. I was actually calling for advice on fingerspins, and we later talked about his relationship with MagicYoyo. Then the conversation shifted directly to the yoyos themselves. He really digs this one but likes the prophet a bit more.

I haven’t thrown another bimetal… Yet anyways… But I really like my Space Cowboy. Absolutely 100% worth the money, in my opinion.

Didn’t think I’d like it when it was first announced, purely based on specs and shape. But I got one in the holiday collector’s mystery box, and it quickly shot to being my favorite throw overall. If you have $120 burning a hole in your pocket, and you don’t know what to buy, do yourself a favor and give the Space Cowboy a try.

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