Best Gyroscopes?

Sorry, I didn’t know what topic this belonged in so I’m just putting it here. Mods feel free to move if you need to.

Was just wondering what’s the best gyroscopes? As in longest spinning ones. I’d like to purchase a high quality bearingized gyroscope but don’t know where to look.


I would think this goes in the skill toy section.

I’ve got one of these. $5 or $6. No bearings but works good enough to entertain me.
I’ve seen some for $12-$15 but they don’t look like they have bearings either.

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Is that one of the Tedco ones? I’ll probably pick one up if I can find one in the store, but I really want a high quality one that will spin for minutes on end.

Such as this:

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That’s a nice looking one.

I’ve got two that look identical, one says Tedco on the box and the other Chandler.

I once had a really old one that spun for a loooooong time. I don’t know much about them, aside from they the physics involved.