Best Anodizing?

I’m wondering what company has the best anodized designs, (regardless of whether they do it themselves or not). I would say MonkeyfingeR. The Evil Yo and the Gelada have blown me away.

No doubt Monkeyfinger

You can’t beat the finish on the evil yo and although the finish on the gelada isn’t as durable its still amazing.

evil all the way

I love MFD’s ano jobs, but I think One Drop just steps it up a little more. Their acid washes are amazing and then they add beautiful splashes. A couple of MonkeyFinger’s splashes are outrageous and just end up looking ugly. Most of the colorways, such as the YYE edition Evil Yo, are beautiful. It’s a tough decision but I’m gonna go with One Drop on this one.

I think square wheels have got their anodizing down.,40799.msg391983.html#msg391983

^^^^^ I would agree with that, Square Wheels might tie MonkeyFingeR for me.

clyw anyone?
I didn’t really like many of monkeyfinger’s stuff until the ilyy cloab:

plus there’s a ghost monkey under the heart

also, ilyy candonize is pretty incredible.

Square Wheels so far.

CLYW and VsNYYC, but that may seem a bit biased :wink:

  1. G2

we all use the same anodizer lol

I live near it I think…

hahaha really? did not know that, that’s honestly pretty cool.

i think so too, but its starting to make color choices hard lol

I really like gruntbull. I think MonkeyFinger over does it. I like nice solid colors, like ILYY and General yo

I really like Square Wheels ano jobs.

CLYW I think is still the standard of fancy anodizing. I also like a lot of the c3 looks.

Depends what you’re after. For splashes CLYW/OD/G2 are nice, for really fancy art-like work MonkeyFinger is great, for solids ILYY does gorgeous work. C3 and YYR are great at that vibrant mirror-like ano as well.