Becko's Eye View - new pov video from me

Using the UNPRLD ReCognition


Fixed the title.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Appreciate it lol

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That was deeply satisfying.

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That was rad! I dig the background track too. Cant wait til i’m even close to on this level.


Just a totally alien level to what I can do, fantastic, can only watch and enjoy. I noticed the yo-yo is 7075 aluminum, pretty good price when it was available.


This is great, amazing yo-yoing and tricks combined with the POV angle made an excellent video. Having your tricks filmed in the POV angle is huge, for example it shows whether your slacks and whips are going in front of or behind the yo-yo/element.

This video also shows there’s a lot to be explored in the back-to-front axis. I will try a wider yo-yo and see if it helps with the back-to-front axis stability.

The ReCognition looks stable and fast too.

Great video!