Bearing Size of Tom Kuhn SB2?


Hi erverbody,

hope that somebody could help me with some information.

I’ve recently bought a used Tom Kuhn SB2 from 1998 on ebay. The yoyo itself is in really good condition, but it’s relatively loud. There is nothing special in its behaviour - it doesn’t vibe, it doesn’t wobble, but compared to a new SB2 (which is absolutely silent), it makes noise.

So I’ve mounted Tom Kuhn ‘turbo discs’ and I’ve lubed the bearing, hoping that the problem would be solved. And indeed the yoyo is a little bit more silent, but it is still not noiseless. :frowning:
I think I’ve to face the bitter truth, that the bearing is worn out.

Although I know, that I could buy a new bearing in the online store of Tom Kuhn, I would like to try an ABEC7 bearing from Sapporo, so I hope, that someone can tell me the size of the Tom Kuhn bearings.

Thanks in advance


.125 x .312 x .140 inches (Inner Diameter x Outer Diameter x Width)

If you have a hobby store near you that sells RC cars or helicopters, you should be able to find one locally.


Thanks a lot for your quick reply :slight_smile: - this helps!

Your thread about common bearing sizes is a very good idea (and apart from that, it would have been a good idea for me, to look at the yoyowiki first - but somehow I didn’t realize this opportunity… awkward :-[)

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Yeah, I posted that as a result of your question. There used to be a couple of places that had the info but yoyowiki seems to be the only one left. The AYYA site used to have one but that site is gone.