bearing size matters?

whats the difference for bearing sizes? do smaller bearings have less friction? does size matter?

Bigger bearings have less response.

smaller bearings run faster

This is false. Any clean A or D bearing and be as unresponsive as any other bearing. Smaller bearings do bind tighter becasue 1) the yoyo is most likely spinning faster than a C bearing yoyo, and 2) the loop can wrap further around the axle before it “bites”. That’s probably why you think they are more responsive.


Yes, any bearing can be unresponsive. I never said that small bearings can’t be unresponsive but bigger bearings also carry a wider gap to make it have a better chance of being unresponsive.

And again, I never said small bearings can’t be unresponsive in either of my posts (including this one).

Smaller bearings can have a sizable gap as well. That’s another assumption that people need to stop latching to hahahahah.

Both diameters and the width of a bearing has an affect on play, specifically the return part. It’s all about what you really like and what you don’t like. I suggest that you try things out for yourselves instead of bothering with endless arguments on the internet. Exoeriencing things first-hand is usually better.


In the end it’s preference like almost anything when it comes to yoyos.

size matters…i don’t care what your girlfriend tells you.