BBB Vis Viva, YoYoFriends Hummingbird, BBB Endeavor, CLYW Manatee & more

Hey guys, I usually use the Reddit BST but thought I would post here. Reddit username is Mellowjell-o if interested.

I’ve got some yoyos for sale paypal US only and price includes shipping:

BBB Vis Viva $90 (Moss Green) - MIB brand new.
BBB Endeavor $45 (Black/Pink) - MIB Brand new.
SOLD [s]CLYW Manatee $60 (Ferdico Fade) -Dead smooth, ano scratching from paperclip purely cosmetic.[/s]
SOLD [s]YoYoFriends Humingbird $100 (Christmas Red) - Thrown once over carpet then back in box.[/s]
Crucial Whole Milk $45 (Pink) - Dead smooth, Ano flaws but still one of my favorites for sure perfect EDC.
YoYoFreaks #Sharp $25 (Sue Me Red) - Thrown twice then back in case.[/li]

Total for all comes to $370 But I am more than willing to do an even $300 (including shipping of course) if someone wants them all :slight_smile: