Barking Spider Entertainment Responsive Video Contest

Lately video contest have been popping up here and there to promote both yo-yoing and better videos. Barking Spider supports this and so we have decided to have a video contest of our own. The theme is RESPONSIVE PLAY!

Grab your favorite tug responsive yoyo, throw some tricks that will have people rewinding your video to check it out over and over again. To enter your video visit our homepage for full contest details.

Judging will be based on best overall video, not just “advanced level” tricks.

Prizes will be given to the top 3 videos submitted.

As an added promotion during the contest period we will be selling Barking Spider Gummies for only $1/pair. If you have never tried them before this is a great opportunity to try them out! If you have tried them, this is the time to stock up for a ridiculous low price.

We are lookng forward to seeing your video submissions. So throw down…

-The Professor

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Just a reminder the contest ends June 1. for full details.

Just a reminder that the contest ends June 1st at midnight. Get your entries in before it is too late. Also, make sure to take advantage of the $1 Gummies before they go back to full price.