BansheeSS (purple) PRICE DROP *SOLD*

Hey guys, - asking $85

I’m selling this purple BansheeSS has slight vibe but not really felt when playing. not a glitch

Scratches are mainly on one side because my skateboard scraped against it… plays fine tho.:grimacing:

It come with everything i got it with (un-used diamond blend string, BansheeSS pin, Gsquared Cozy, and original box.

Pm for shipping…

Yoyorecreation DS bearing is in it right now
May have made it slighty smoother.


That orange string looks so nice with that purple.


Yessir kitty fat best string lol least for my preference

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Bump I’ll do $95 today if I keep the pin any takers??

Bump $85 today someone buy aha I need yoyo money

85$ :flushed:

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Yes $85 tomorrow itll be $90 someone buy dang it😂


Bump $90 today but it FLYS on the string😉

First to message today will still do $85

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