Back Again! Crucial, and Rec-Rev Check it out! (pics)

Hey guys i have some more throws to trade. You all know my rules as far as shipping so i wont post those up. But i have here a Crucial Heavy Cream Dexter Edition, and a Rec-Rev (recreational revolution) No.9 … Now on with the pics!

Crucial Heavy Cream: Dexter Edition:
-Original Box
-Picked up @BAC
-Dif-e-yo Concave Bearing

Rec-Rev No.9:
-Stock Bearing
-Original Box
-Also Picked up @BAC

-CLYW Marmots
-CLYW Bassalopes

Do NOT Want:
-YYF (That Means All YYF lol)

Will Trade Both for a Maple Drip Bassalope, or a Blue/Yellow Punchline or Pre-Pro… other then that offer ANYTHING up, the worst i can say is no lol… other then whats on my list, im pretty open to any other offers. BUT… The offers i get will fall to the back of the line if one of my “wants” comes up… so OFFER UP!