b -grade chief


hey, how much did the b grade chiefs sell out for?

i know a dude who’s selling one with for $130 and that just doesn’t seems like a rip-off considering the production runs were sold here for $135(which is still too much in my book)


I saw a guy who said he sold his FG Chief for $250, take that for what you will…


like i always say, if it’s over $200 it better be titanium. there no way on earth i’d pay $250 for a FG!! but i guess some else would… this dipresses me now, i don’t know about you guys, but my dream yoyo is an echo


I agree with you on the ridiculousness of it, but I must admit, the Chief is a damn fine yoyo.


Doesn’t make a darn bit of difference if someone’s willing to pay it. And im sure someone will. Lol. Not I though. :wink:


Btw, it was the $130 dollar fg chief that sold for $250.