Awesome like being RICK ROLLED


??? what does that mean?


0.0 u dunno what a rick roll is 0.0


Google is your friend here…

BTW: 2 day ban for the first guy that posts a live rick roll link here.


not quite rickrolling…

im not posting a music vid to (will not say song for fear of a ban)


It’s probably a good thing that you can only open up so many tabs in chrome, before they don’t even work, because otherwise I might’ve just gone on forever with that…


Imma callin’ your bluff  8)


Poor excuse. Just posting a youtube vid doesn’t earn a ban.
What will get you banned is a link to one of those disguised as something else that won’t let you close it and spawns multiple browser windows forcing you to shut down to get rid of it.


(Mikey) #11

^ I’m afraid to click on that, lol


Fixed :wink: