Austin Cook- Yoyo Man


New video !!!


I really liked the start of that 3rd combo.
I love that your tricks are all very long with a lot of depth to them, very much not something I see a lot of.
Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much makes me happy to see you enjoy the tricks!!! :smiley:




That first combo was wicked. Also, I noticed some of those tricks from your tutorials, but some of the other ones I have never seen. Am I right to assume that you have some more tuts in store?


Yes you are my friend a new tutorial should be coming up in about a week if you want yyou can subscribe to keep up with recent ones and upcoming ones :slight_smile:








Impressive tech and control.

(major_seventh) #11

You maintain flow in all of that tech. Nice.


Thanks dude i try really hard !!!