Austin Cook Candy Tutorials: Twisty tower


new video eveyone enjoy :smiley:


Cool stuff right there, Ozzy!


thanks dude its so much fun to make :slight_smile:


nice! Like your style.


I would suggest just starting the trick from a wrist mount. That part of the trick is good, but I feel like the rest of the trick is unrelated to it.


Thanks for the input dude personally the trick is just something i threw together while i was eating lunch and im working on making it look good but its a concept for the tutorials i thought would be fun :slight_smile:


Thanks dude means alot :slight_smile:


Another cool looking trick! Glad that your one of the ones who consistently innovates new tricks for us to learn!


Always gonna be here dude these are always fun to make and when new videos come out it even more fun :smiley: