Aussie Yo-Yo'ers

Hey guys, I was curious on how popular Yo-Yoing is in Australia. Whether there are Yo-Yo clubs, comps or just shops even, since there isn’t too many Yo-Yo shops. Well not that I know of in the Melbourne region anyway. So let me know what you guys know. ;D

There is an online yoyo store based in Aus but I can’t mention their name due to forum policies. The yoyo scene in Australia isn’t terribly active at the moment, but it’s definitely on the rise, especially in Sydney and Adelaide. Your best bet as far as tracking down Melbourne based throwers would be to join the Facebook page and post there.


Isn’t werrd based there?

Yup, they still are. not sure if you can visit them or anything though

Really? I thought they were from Germany?

ILYY is based in Germany, and that’s the only yoyo company I know of in Germany.

Werrd have their base of operations set up in Adelaide. Very chill bunch of guys.