August 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for August 2012 in this thread!

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Yoyo case.

I didn’t know we were allowed to repost…Odd.

my parakeet attacking the yoyo expert sticker!


Its a yoyo case that i made out of a shoe box and some extra cardboard. I drew all the stuff thats on the lid and the inside of the case myself. Hope you like it. ;D
o and plz vote for me

Trace, yoyonub, Logi_Bear, Mrnightshadow95, and myself found somewhere to put our sticker…


(The picture)

That was pretty friggen fun.


Because all burglars know not to rob a house where a YoyoExpert lives :wink:

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Just chillin’…

I am new at this what kind of prizes do they give out

There is two chances to win. The post with the most ‘Thank You’s’ gets a 25$ Gift certificate to YYE. The staff favorite gets the same prize.

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;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Flat sticker on a round piggy bank didn’t work so well lol.


heres mine
I sleep with YoyoExpert

my entry!!

Full shot of my “yoyo cabinet” (notice the YYE sticker is the center of it all)

Middle section, where it all happens!!! My favorites case, gloves, trick lists, normal strings on the left, competition strings on the right, things like that!

Top section, Boxes and equipment.

Bottom section, cheapy yoyos/modder fodder/other skill toys



My school journals

My bigger Percussion Frog’s home needed a little color, so here it is.
DSC00656 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

I thought my high impact training sword could use some jazzing up.

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My yoyo case that I made. It could use some more yoyos.

got a few sets of jax there, nice!