August 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

thats legit! you win!

I may not be in the USA, but you have my respect. Keep throwing! :slight_smile:

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this sticker is on the back of my moms car.i had to take it with a computer webcam.

Pismo Beach CA doing a little yoyo show for the people and catching some sun :stuck_out_tongue:

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Eye Doctor: “OK cover your left eye, do you see anything”?

s1mp13m4n: “nope”
Eye Doctor: “Now cover the other eye, what do you see now”?

s1mp13m4n: “Not a #)&% thing”
Eye Doctor: “alright, that will be $500 and that sticker since it did not help you see anything”

Those who know me on the forum know I am blind, thus the joke. :slight_smile:


Inspired to jewel…


The sticker is hanging out with all my other ones on my laptop. ;D

This is my first entry in one of these contests, so please be nice. (:

Though laptop entries seem kind of unoriginal, I thought my collage of yoyo decals would make up for it.
YYE has its own special place too.

Yoyoexpert, With The Hundreds And Mishka !

it’s cool, but your jewels aren’t aligned precisely…

I didn’t notice it before you said that, but I still can’t tell anyway

Check out my pics…


balancing the votes in the poll :3

Pikachu! use yoyo attack!

converse and yoyos :o

Drill press. Why not?

Also, when are the results of July coming out?

Oh, yeah. I believe it’s an antique.


Trying to learn, need some mothers.