Auction for a good cause

Help out a great organization that does alot in my local community at educating people about the humane treatment of animals :wink:

Free bump because I’m an animal lover also!

Good luck to you!!! :slight_smile:

Bump b/c I have a Yorkie and a Shorkie (Yorkshire Terrier and Shi-Tzu) and they are my wife and I’s babies and we have no idea what we would do without them. To imagine them or any other animal going hungry, abandoned, getting beat, or one of the many other terrible tragedies that so many animals will endure this holiday season makes me so, so, sad. Not only is this a great cause, you will get your best fixed axle yoyo as well, unless of course you already have an OUT :slight_smile:

Would you like some more yoyos to auction off? No one seems to want these, so I’d be happy to ship them off to you.,69569.0.html

I even have the boxes for the SPYYs.

^very, very generous and selfless act here.  Hats off to you Mike.