Attention NYYL Regional Champions

Here is the list of NYYL Regional Contest Winners that have won two nights lodging and entry directly into the Final 1A round at Nationals this year.

Lodging is one way we can reward players from the regional contests and insure that the best 1A player from each region has a chance of appearing in Chico for the National Championships.

Every one of these seeded players should contact by email to get the information concerning their hotel lodging.

If you know any of these players emails please send them this info.

Eric Koloski seeded from NER
John Martin seeded from SER
Chris Frasier seeded from MER
Sterling Quinn seeded from PNWR
Paul Han seeded from BAC
Anthony Rojas seeded from BLC

Note: John Narum from MWR will not be able to attend.
Mid Atlantic Regional has not been scheduled this year.
South Central Regional is scheduled for September 5th in Oklahoma City.

If these players do not contact the National Contest they may lose the lodging reservation.

Awwsss… No John Narum?

I gotta talk some sense into that boy!

So he can’t make Nats or the Lodging part?

Also, Welcome to YoYoExpert!