Earnie’s wife filmed me at BLC in a promo video in the park! (because I used their 5 star) It is awsome!

Here is me messing up in the competition! I won 2nd place in rookie! The song is Love Addict by Family Force 5! Best Christian Metal music there is!

Please rate vid on youtube!

p.s. If you comment on youtube, please don’t use bad languge.


I thought your freestyle was good! If you would have landed some more tricks I bet you would have gotten 1st in Rookie ;).

Nice! I thought you did well! I saw you there, but i didn;t know you were you, LOL. :smiley:

Hai james im the guy that you were talkin to before the contest started outside of the building you did great man congrats

you had a awesome freestyle.

Correction: best christian “metal” would be The Devil Wears Prada

Did you win anything?

Nice freestyle! :smiley:

So not true. 1st is Family Force 5, 2nd is Thousand Foot Krutch, 3rd is Skillet, 4th is Fireflight! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya! A B grade 888! It plays great! I love it!

Same here!

Oh yeah! ::slight_smile:

You are very smooth! We need to hang out more. ::slight_smile:

So true! ;D