Asteria Yoyos' Competition Bimetal Design - the Star Trail (Now available for pre-orders!)

Hello everybody! Just an update about the production process of the yoyo. I have finally received the prototypes today!

I am really really happy about how it plays, it is extremely stable for a monometal, yet is light and nimble due to the low overall weight! I think 7068 Aluminum really made the distribution very ideal. Overall I am very happy with the yoyo! Here is a picture of the prototypes.

When I was waiting for the prototypes, there were 2 worries that I had.

  1. I was afraid that the edges on the ring part of the yoyo would be a bit sharp
  2. I was afraid that the yoyo would snag with 4.5mm gap width

However, it turns out that the edges are actually very smooth and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all! The shape of the yoyo is also very comfortable to catch as well. Furthermore, I haven’t had a situation that it snags, so I am actually very happy! :sob:

I have also created an instagram so feel free to follow for the latest news in regards to pre-ordering etc. However I am not quite sure when I should open the pre-order yet, I’ll let y’all know when there are any updates!


Hey @Matcha,
love the design exactly my kind of shape. So count me in. Not sure where i need to subscribe :wink:
Great work keep it spinin…

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OK found your website link and subscribed.

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BTW u like iYoYo? Really reminds me most of their designs.

I do like their H shapes! This yoyo design was inspired by a few other yoyo brands though!


Cool looking forward playing you throw. Love me a good H

any idea of how much these protos would cost?

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@Matcha this looks absolutely amazing. Count me in when you decide to do a production run! Can’t wait to see more of this in action : )

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I’ve said it privately on discord but I’m very impressed with your attention to detail with this yoyo. I can’t wait to snag one when you’re ready to make more!


Any update on release?


The purple/violet looks super clean. Signed up for it!


Currently I’m working on the third fancier speckles colorway. After I confirm with the machine shop that everything works out, production will start and it will take around one month from now! :slight_smile:


these are complete :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


Stars all over yoyo would be sick but count me in


You will absolutely love their latest renders for the speckle colorway then :slight_smile: I’ll leave them for @matcha to share, they’re also in the r/throwers discord.

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Glad you liked it!

Here are the renders!


@Matcha posted some photos on the r/throwers discord:

Looking like an October release?


Beautiful yoyo!


Looking good :slight_smile:

Ordered one early cause i’m cool. This is a really unique and smooth playing yoyo and makes me think 58mm diameter needs to be explored more.


I think I’m getting one