Asking ppl in the chat to actually talk is to much?

So why did I get banned just asking people in the chat to actually talk with me? how does that make since?

I don’t see how it could make since. Or cents.

But it could make sense.

I never really understood the unspoken rules of chat either. I guess everybody will just idle for hours on end not saying anything. I just pop in and if nobody is talking I leave.

From the chat logs, looks like it was the manner you asked. It appears you uttered a few things the sensor didn’t like, nor did the moderators.

IRC has operated the same way for 20+ years.

People log in and some will idle for hours, days, weeks, months, and yes, YEARS(when admins on Unix mainframes, and YES, I’ve personally seen it).

If people want to participate in the chat, they will. If they don’t want to, they’ll just remain idle, stay out of the way and let the conversations flow. It’s not going to change to suit anyone, that’s how it’s been, that’s how it will remain. The people aren’t there to “Snap to attention” when someone calls.

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youre banned because you highlighted everyone in the channel and cursed and insulted the channel. we could unban you but its clear youre playing dumb even though youre flat out aware of what you did.

also you ban evaded by changing your ip so i have banned your nick.

and you ban evaded again, so ive banned three of your ips.


i have posted screenshots of what you did in the moderator section and they have been reviewed by the other mods. your behavior is not conducive of the desired environment.

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