Arm Tricks

Any one got any good Around-The-Arm tricks?

I’ve got these two and now I want more!

There is one similar to mine, but you end up i a gate, and go to a crossarm GT, do you know that one?

If you don’t, I’ll try and make a tutorial.

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Black Finish- its not complex and kind of elementry but still you asked for an around the arm trick.

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I’ll make a tutorial which is similar to Jensen’s, but its double GT.

Happy Throwing! =]

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Mark Montgomery has the most awesome arm trick ever. Try to figure that out.

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Made it just for you :wink:

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I dont… is it the one in yokid’s video?
Wow thanks guys!

Dude! Thats awesome… I feel special…

Once again, thanks guys!

Oh and you guys that posted vids get subs and thanks!

i think this came out first. not sure though it is the same trick just showing you the name.

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Hmm…didnt Rei Iwakura did that trick in Worlds?


yup… as you notice his FS was made up of tons of parts of other yoyo FS’s and videos…

Yes, YoKid’s video, the second trick.