Arm Tricks

(Mitch) #1

Any one got any good Around-The-Arm tricks?

I’ve got these two and now I want more!


There is one similar to mine, but you end up i a gate, and go to a crossarm GT, do you know that one?

If you don’t, I’ll try and make a tutorial.


Black Finish- its not complex and kind of elementry but still you asked for an around the arm trick.


I’ll make a tutorial which is similar to Jensen’s, but its double GT.

Happy Throwing! =]

(JonasK) #5

Mark Montgomery has the most awesome arm trick ever. Try to figure that out.


Made it just for you :wink:

(Mitch) #7

I dont… is it the one in yokid’s video?
Wow thanks guys!

Dude! Thats awesome… I feel special…

Once again, thanks guys!

Oh and you guys that posted vids get subs and thanks!


i think this came out first. not sure though it is the same trick just showing you the name.

(Johnny T) #9

Hmm…didnt Rei Iwakura did that trick in Worlds?


(Mitch) #10

yup… as you notice his FS was made up of tons of parts of other yoyo FS’s and videos…


Yes, YoKid’s video, the second trick.