are there periods to yoyoing

i was just wondering if, since yoyoing is more like an art form than a sport, if there a periods in it like in music when a certain type of trick is more popular or mabye a style. ive only been yoyoing for about a year so not enough time to notice any trends.

I haven’t been yoyoing too long either, but I’ve definitely noticed trends watching youtube videos. A lot of them seem to depend on who won worlds the previous year, but not entirely.

When Yuuki Spencer first did a slack trick, everyone started creating their own slack tricks. Now slack tricks are mixed in with everything else and not quite overdone. As of right now, people seem to be doing a lot of horizontal tricks and ‘3D’ tricks where you break the yoyo’s natural plane…and every combo seems to have some variation of asian pops in it :-X

I would have to say that like anything else, yoyoing grows and has trends during certain periods. Even yoyo’s change with the times. It all depends on peoples creativity and as things become commonplace, there’s more room for creativity.

I’ve seen a large trend in over arm tricks and follow combos.

yeah, this year peolpe are soo in to hops.
last year, horizontal.
and before, body tricks.

And before that, slack tricks. :slight_smile:

And grinding and regens during Andre and JD’s time? Just a guess.

Today the trend are those really cool can’t explain it tricks. Haha.

It’s like, from a trapeze, raise your throwhand, and make a smooth flowing motion. Tomas Bubak does it.


Well, I always find that somebody doing a certain element in there trick. It always seems like that’s really popular, and then it fades away. But that’s just me I guess.

Repeaters are always hot.

I think they not fade, they just become some ingridient to form more trick.
More awesome trick.

They just expand our little skill toy possibilities.