Are there any yoyoers in Chicago?

If there are, you should go to cat and mouse yoyo club. I want to go but my parents haven’t got around to it. :slight_smile:

I wish i lived there! There are no clubs in Manitoba. :(. If you live close to Minnesota, there is a yoyo contest that is called Midwest regionals 2012. it is at the Mall of America. You should enter! I did!

I should. I am entering the triple crown of yoyo. It’s in Chicago!!!

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If you are 14 or under, you can enter junior 1A. i am entering. i am 12.

I like in barrington its like maybe an hour or 2 away


I go every time I have the chance. If you live in the area, definitely check it out.

me too

You should go to the triple crown of yoyo. It is free to enter and you can tips from the pros after the show. By the way, it is in millennium park. ( July 27-28)