Are emoticons expensive??


I’m not a computer person so I don’t know what all is involved with getting more emoticons on the site, but I only bring it up because I’ve seen other forums with all kinds of cool emoticons.
One in particular is a happy face guy beating a dead horse, and I think that would come in real handy around here sometimes.

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“happy face guy beating a dead horse”


oh wait…


Le reddit army bacon


Everything nowadays is expensive.

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Be glad you don’t have to pay for air.



No they are not expensive, most are FREE.

you simply need to look around, really search the world and you will be amazed by that you can do.

on my forum:

I have a few faces the rest are freaking cool. the only problem I see is that you must log in to my php forum to see them…

I don’t think I can post them here but I will look at the possibility without causing issue.

I cannot stand the same old emoticons over and over so I dumped them, found some and made some. easy to make…

find a gif and make one…

just replace the emot’s with smiley’s, they are the same actually.


ok I will post a couple: the four below are a few we use in posts, PM’s and other forum stuff.