Arctic Circle with Powercords!

No, not guitar power chords,  Grand Rapid powercords! Powercords (t) to be exact. And they are lovely! All time favorite string.

Unfortunately, snow makes things cold. So my hands were über numb. So my tricks were rather slow and lazy. Oh well.]

Feedback is appreciated!

I really enjoyed that!!! The slowness added some flow.

I agree, I like the smooth, slow style. Nice tricks, too.


Was that first one lotus bloom?

You’re really good Sean! Love that color and the background. I wish it snowed here in NY

Yep, really like that trick.

Thanks dude. And no, you don’t want snow. Pretty-looking but cold. Had to shovel today. Not fun.

Wow… I spent like 1/4th of all of the MA States contest around you and I didn’t learn your name lol…fail

Lol. Your name is Adam, right? Is it okay if that’s wrong? Lol. MA States was awesome.