App Crash

I was on the YYE app using the “Blog” browser as a gateway to log into my account (Not the smartest idea :P).

I was then redirected to the “Forum” page of the app and it crashed.

So what are you trying to say here??
In other words, what’s your point??

Hmm, I think he’s trying to waste people’s time.

Also, it stinks that it crashed.

Wait… Were you trying to make a joke Jhb? …



When you said what’s your point I thought you were referring to a period as a point. :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol. You have a strange way of seeing things, no offense.

My app used to crash. I just deleted it and then reinstalled it, and it started working perfectly.

And Jhb has a weird sense of humor.

So I was thinking outside the box.

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Wow guys. I thought I was helping by stating a bug.

Haha, you did.

Is it fixed?