AP edition Duncan Echo for "Trade only"!


Yes I have a Duncan Echo, AP edition MINT for trade. There is however a very small ano defect on the Gray side that was there when I got it. I failed to get it in the pics. It is just a gray spot slightly different from the other gray on that half. You will have a hard time finding another Echo until they come out.
Pics; http://www.flickr.com/photos/58226503@N02/sets/72157627309145062/

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Review I did on the Echo; http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,31506.0.html


Bump. I was just looking at the Echo. I unscrewed it to have a look a the guts and when I went to screw it back together the axle stripped on me. I is still for trade, but I am going to fix it before I send it out.




I fixed the axle and it as good as new.


ill trade a yomega blazer $75 retail(its better than you think i know yomega puts a bad name on this yoyo but its pretty good) and a yyj black knight orange with one cap on it. ill even throw in a wooden yyf shaqler yoyo for the japan benefits(that is not a good yoyo by any means though its just a deal sweetner ok thanks.

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