Anyone want a Crucial AYCE review?

It’s come to my attention that my reviews are getting very little attention themselves, a shame since I work really hard on them. Anywho, I JUST picked up a Crucial All You Can Eat, and was wondering if anybody wanted a review? I might do one anyway, but it’d be great of you guys could input below. If only ONE person says they want one, I’ll still do it. That’s all, guys. Thanks.

Sure, go for it.

ok thanks, man! I’ll put it up soon!

I have not heard much about the A.Y.C.E. I cannot wait to hear your thoughts:)

thank you! Do you have one?

I have not heard much about the A.Y.C.E.

But seriously id like a review, thanks!

Ok I’ll put one up tommorow.

No. But I was contemplating buying one…and then I saw the FG Avalanche and I have decided to buy that and/or save up for another CLYW.

I would love a review of the AYCE. I have been considering one for a while.