Anyone Play FSX/X-Plane?

I got X-Plane first, and it blew really bad so I got FSX. That was back when I was just starting.

Anyone else into flight simulators? If so, what’s your favorite plane/helicoptor?
For me, just flying from point A to point B I tend to use the Cessna Skyhawk. Not a fan of big jets or helecoptors. I used to have a bunch of extra planes and other vessels but since I got my new computer I just have the ones that come standard.

I use the Logitech x3d Pro but I hope to pick up a yoke soon. So how about you guys? I’d be glad to go flying sometime.

Well, I"m not sure what software it is, but the college I attend has these full motion flight sims that can fly most aircraft out there. Normally I fly a cessna 172, but I’ve flown 737’s, jets, and other things