Anyone interested in making a Houston group?

Hey everyone! I’m Joseph, I’m from The Woodlands TX. I’ve been reading this forum and I can’t find any clubs in or close to Houston, well I’ve gotten a solution to my problem, I’ll make one! I don’t have much experience with making a group, but I think it’s quite simple, you need people, and a location. If you guys could help me out that’d be great, giving me tips etc. Really all I want is a group that meets somewhere and just yoyos lol.

Thank you for reading and God bless.

There are quite a few players in the area, we’re just massively disorganized. If somebody were to set a time/location, we could probably get a number of people out. There has been pretty good luck organizing alongside the kendama players (several of which also yoyo).


I just moved to Houston last week! I’m definitely interested in going to any meet that is closer than Dallas or Austin.

I’m in Houston as well, La Porte specifically. Would be great to throw with other people, let me know if you get something started.

I’m also in Houston.

I’m in Houston as well. I would be down to meet up and yo a little.

Anyone set up a Houston meet up yet? I would be interested.

We have a biweekly club going in Houston!! Meetings are never in the same place, but usually in a library meeting space (a/c ftw).

Check out the group here:

Here is the next meet (tomorrow 10/22/16):