Anyone have the Specs for the Yoyojam Bolt?

Ok. So pretty much if you know me, you know how much I loved the Doc Pop Bolt.

But sadly I no longer have one.

Anyone have the specs for it? Because I’m trying to find a throw similar to it.

I think the Pinnacle may be similar…

Probably the closest thing to it is the kickside or the speedmaker.

yoyowiki has a lot of this info.


Looks like the Pinnacle fits the bill near perfectly:

Pinnacle Specs:

Diameter: 55.4 mm / 2.18 inches
Width: 39.3 mm / 1.55 inches
Gap Width: 4.20 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 62.8 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
YoYoJam Chrome Bearing
Response: YYJ Silicone O-Ring
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)

Bolt Specs:

Weight 62g
Dimensions 56mm Diameter, 39mm Width
Material Celcon Plastic
Bearing size Size C
Response system Dual O-ring

They seem to be the closest together. Unless there is a better option someone recommends? :wink:

A kickside

Yeah I think the bolt was based off the kickside. How ever you seem to be on track with the pinnacle it looks just like the bolt. I wonder if you contacted doc or yoyojam they would be able to confirm if it is in fact a bolt or not.

The Bolt was Directly based off of the projam.

It’s also lighter and slimmer, meaning it probably won’t play the same.

But the Pinnacle is pretty much spot on exact, except for the shape.

the projam is also a modified kickside. :wink:

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The Projam is essentially a Kickside except both sides are starburst. I’m pretty sure the Projam came before the Kickside. What you can do is trim a bit of the Kickside so that the width becomes the same.

I’m not sure when the projam was released (because it never had an official release but it was right about the same time as the bolt.) but the kickside was around before for sure. Its just a patriot they used different plastic in the molding that’s it.

Larger Diameter, thinner width.