Anybody in 29 Palms?

So I recently moved to the wonderful place of 29 Palms, CA for work, is anybody close to me? It’s about an hour and half away from Palm Springs.

When you say work…
Are you a Marine?


That’s cool, not cool you got sent there tho. It sucks being sent to the desert to train to get sent to a bigger dessert lol. I was stationed in El Paso so I have a little bit of an idea, altho I can imagine there is much more to d in El Paso lol. What is your MOS?

I’m not even here for training, I’m going to be here for the next 3 years. I’m an 0111 super POG.

Haha I havnt hear POG for so long, that and FOBit
And I was 11bravo “grunt” and beleive me, the only reason we made fun of other MOS is because we realized how stupid we were for enlisting infantry. It’s envy lol. There was no difference between basic training and being at my duty station. The only break we got from training was doing lol.

Being an 01 is bad, but man some Marines have the hardest time following simple directions, it’s like all you need to is put a simple line threw something and sign and date it, somehow it’s like the hardest thing in the world.

In all honesty I have seen that the very best of soldiers are sometimes the least intelligent of people. Simply because that are just smart enough to take direction, but still not smart enough to question those directions. intelligent questions and military strategy do not mix wel lol
Atleast that was true in the grunt department.

I was giving a mass audit to group of about 170 marines and only like half of them knew what was going on.

Hahacoulee that, if you really want to get through to a group of enlisteds you have to break them r wh I like groups of tens lol with the 2 NCOs and a CO in the room

Unless it was about survival maybe they just don’t care about the subject enough to know/learn about it.

Basically what it was, was where their life insurance was going in case something were to happen to them while they were deployed overseas. So if that information was wrong $400,000 could be going to some random person.

Oooh I remebered those lol.
I mean I remeber being there, not anything that was said.
I would be one of those that had no idea where their $400,000 was going lol