Any throwers in the Stroudsburg, PA area?


I’m looking to start or join a yo-yo club. If I could even MEET some people in my area it’d be awesome! If you live within like a 30 min radius of Stroudsburg, PA please respond. I know NO ONE (in person) who throws!

(2Sick Joey) #2

Hey man!

Looks like you’re in luck. I actually live in Easton, Pa which is about 40ish minutes south of stroudsburg. Hit me up with a message! There aren’t many yoyoers close enough though.


Hi. Been off this site since last year. Just saw your reply. Sorry! I just started throwing again after a long break due to frustration and being generally uncoordinated. Land on the string? Haha. Hardly EVER. I’ve just been practicing looping. Not so great yet! I’ve only met one other person with yo-yos. I met him a few months ago. He is in 9th grade. When I saw him do ONE loop it got me back into throwing again. I only saw him for a few hours at work. He’s from Boston. I honestly can’t do much except forward pass, around the world and now maybe 3 loops one out of every several tries. I’m not too interested in advanced playing. When I get pretty good at looping I will go back to trapeze. I’d rather practice one thing all the time than trying multiple things.