Any one know any famous 5a tricks famous people do?

Just wanting to learn cool tricks that r famous

bee sting

ninja vanish

Who made up those tricks?

The best wy to learn tricks is to look at freestyles or videos and break them down step by step. It can take a lot of time, but you have to be patient.

Tyler Severance and John Huber.

Can u give me examples of breaking down a trick in a trick video?

the people in the videos and they are john huber and tyler severence

This is totally true.

Ive watched “The Definitive” by Miggy about 50 times to learn his trick “Dim Mak” , and i still cant do it perfectly, and it’s the Same with Tyler’s Eiffel Tower trick.

You should try this because you can learn advanced stuff easier just by breaking it down, and it all helps in making up your own tricks


Basically what I do is look for elements of tricks that are similar and smosh them together.  Wish I could be of more help, but that’s all I can say.
Another thing I learned is,. every once in a while, open up a book and point to a word. What would a trick with that name look like?
Again, sorry

Interesting idea… I’mma give it a whirl one day.

Where do u find tylers eiffel tower?

Watch his trick starting at about :30 and ending at about :45. Doesn’t that dice movement make the string look like an Eiffil tower?

O umm wat about ny beginner tricks Pros do

Learn > Counter-weight

Hyper pendulum