Anyone heard of the hspin antipodes?

Yes. :wink:

^^^ I think what he wanted was some help on it. lol
Im very close to buying it also. I know that it is fast and light.
Why do you want to know about it? :smiley:


I gotta take Big Cat’s side on this one. The original poster asked if anyone heard of it. The original poster did not expand his query to request additional information.

So, the OP asked if anyone heard of a specific model. I think Big Cat adequately answered the question as presented.

   O sorry guys. If i came off as mean i really did not intend on doing that. ;D

And to answer the question I have heard of it also.

Oh yeah! Back up! :slight_smile:

does anyone have the antipodes of has enough info to tell me about it? If you do, please post it.

It is light, and quite fast. Colors are nice and vibrant too. :wink: