Antidote X PLSTC X Variant Comparison


Can we get a TLDR of the video?
Want to know the key differences but 21min is just too long :laughing:

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Yes! All three are amazing and you should get them all.


How about a TLDR that’s better for my wallet?


TLDR: Get a job bro


Ive been waiting for a comparison of the Antidote and Variant. These 2 are probably the best 100% polycarbonate yoyos on the market right now. I skipped to the sections I cared about.

  • Antidote is best for speed play
  • Variant is most stable and powerful
  • Antidote is best for horizontal
  • Antidote has the tightest binds
  • PLSTC is best for more chill, casual play

The general theme was Variant is the best pure performance wise because it’s the most stable and powerful but is more one dimensional and on the larger side, Antidote still performs really well and can keep up with Variant but is more versatile, and PLSTC still performs well but is best for chill, casual play compared to other two.

Now, how about a comparison vs. the YYF Delrin :thinking:


I believe the wedge belongs on this list

How does these compare to the Diffusion? It’s one of the most stable and smooth (for a polycarbonate yoyo) that I’ve had.

I have a wedge but for me it does not stand up quiet well to the 3 in here, mine was Vibing to the point its affecting play and the center hub got loose. I did kind of compared it to the PLSTC abut in the PLSTC review.