Anti yo bapezilla for sale


Up for grabs is a anti yo bapezilla

No dings, slight anodizing fade in the green side.
Plays very smooth I know the bape gets some stick for being a wobble fest, but this is pretty nice.
I’m very reluctantly selling as I know these are a pain in the arse to get hold off

Price is 150 dollars free shipping


Are those scratches on the green half?


Ano fade, no dings or scratches


The white marks look like scuffs/scratches.


Definitely look like scratches/scuffs. I’ve owned a lot of these, including some with ano flaws, those definitely look like scuffs.

Still an amazing yoyo, and still a good price for it.

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Not so much…eh? a great price would be $100…$150 is asking for a lot in said condition…
Just my opinion…



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