Andre i think this would be good for the site.

Well i thought, and looked. I’ve ben seeing M1’s go selling like crazy. I think this would get us a popular site.

I think if we put the m1 on here and a little thing to pick what combo’s you want and we tell people about this, we would be so popular.

I just think this will help the YoYoExpert community.

I hope you like my idea Andre.


well to do that he has to get a license agreement with one drop which will take time

Yeah, i know. I’m just saying it will bring the people coming here, making our forums more active.

it will help sales but idk if it will help the forums

True. I also think YYE should stock CLYW

good idea

M1’s would be a great improvement.

They would help sales and that would be nice, but not the forums- i buiy from YYN the most and dont even have my own account ::slight_smile:

Thanks for the thought guys - we actually discussed the possibility with One Drop as I admire the quality of their yo-yos and the team that they have created.

However we could not negotiate business related issues and for now we will not be carrying the M1 for this reason.

They seem to be gearing more towards selling their yo-yos directly through their own site - everyone has their own strategy towards running their company so for now that is how they wish to run things.

Oh dang. that stinks, and the people who said it woulden’t help the forums it sort of would. people buying then seeing forums it would get us alot of more people. Idleast we’d get more than none. It’s sort of hard to explain. but i think we would.

Don’t worry - we will keep things exciting here. :wink:

That would be AWESOME!

How about flowable silicone?