And this is why we don't dye Protostars.....

I think the acetone melted a seam because it just fell apart as soon as it hit the dye/acetone mix…I’m just glad I have another Protostar lol


epic fail

Hey, looks like you got yourself a “Mini-Star” (Mini Protostar!)

It probably plays horribly, though :frowning:

probaly to lighit to play

Well I got a pair of pretty cool rims to put on something out of this lol

I’m just thinking what Landon Balk could do with it now… :slight_smile:

Nah, that sucks though. Could you clean up the center and use it on/as something? Looks like it could be a cheap flea.

I could use both the rims and center, I guess thats my project for this week

i can fix it

…so can I

if you dont want it ill take it

for free

ummm no…


Man, that must stink. Good thing you have another. What color were you trying to dye it?


dont try do dye your other one


Why in the world would he do that?

ahhhhh. that is terrible. my protostar broke but i am ordering another one tonight and if anyone is wondering what i did to it i overtightened it stupidly and it cracked

It’s funny how people are either wanting the parts or offering to fix it and he’s an awesome modder himself.

Show em how it’s done Tyler.


I traded to have my protostar dyed black and its starting to crack all around the rims.
Im sorry dude that would of been sick if you could of pulled it off.

I thought it was furry for a second there.
But it’s just the silicone … or adhesive.
At least ProtoStars aren’t TOO expensive! ;D