An idea

So what if there was a numerical scale of difficulty on tricks? Let’s just say 1 to 10. Ten being the hardest. Now, what if there was a scale of impressiveness? Also, a 1 to 10 scale. So you could rate a trick
(ex. 3-5) with both these scales. Three being the difficulty and five being how impressive it was. This would really clarify how good the payoff is when you are thinking about learning tricks.

What do you guys think?

I for one would like that very much. It would certainly help picking tricks that look impressive yet you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into when attempting the trick. Nothing more frustrating then thinking, oh, that looks easy enough and then trying to learn it only to realize you’re wasting your time.

I think it is too subjective to get done. Also the creator of the trick will likely have bias and rate their tricks higher than they ‘should’.

It’s a cool enough idea, but how likely is this to work?

Yea I agree with that.

Also everyone would rate tricks difrently based on personal opinion unless there was some sort of over all standard that was decided by one person

I was in envisioning YoYoExpert rating their trick tutorials with this.

It could be done. All that’s needed is like 3-5 people to rate it, get the average and boom. It’s certainly more work than what it may be but it wouldn’t be difficult.

Yea it wouldn’t be so bad

If everybody used it, it would be great!

Who’s to say the trick you find easy, a 1.6, I might find more difficult like a 7.1. There are many things that make learning new moves more/less challenging for each of us. I think the best you can do is break things into a basic progression that offers some flexibility.

Oh I see, I thought you meant for all yoyo videos. That might work for YYE tutorials but like skirtz mentioned, the way it is set up like progression works well. Some tricks are easy because you learned other tricks first.

I could see it working but I would think it would only help a small portion of the community and that might make it not a very time effective project.

I feel like I’m being super negative here, not my intent. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t find it practical.

(Warning. The following text contains more than a paragraph of connected words. Those individuals with Comprehensionitus or Readinghurtsme syndrome are encouraged to Not bother with attempting to grasp this post and move on to easier game).

It actually kinda scare me that other people might think like you, lol.

You want a degree of difficulty/impressiveness/wimp-a-bility so you can have A heads up on what tricks you should be scared to try?

…Nothing more frustrating than jumping into a trick you thought would be easy and finding out that it’s harder than you thought?

And if you try and try to learn a trick, you feel you’re ‘wasting your time’?

Trust me on this; nothing too easy is very rewarding. Success and satisfaction Are always better appreciated when you put forth ‘the effort’.

That’s why people climb Mountains and not just stay home and climb a ladder in the back yard.

You guys seem to forget YYE has long had a basic difficulty scale built right into the Learning section.

The Tricks are grouped in categories based on average relative degrees of effort/difficulty/etc: Beginner… Intermediate… Advanced… expert… Etc.

Andre has spent a few years laying out the learning: scale/ladder/curve/whatever…

I know everybody has different potential abilities to learn tricks. Nobody doesn’t know that. But when you start yoyoing in the first place, everything probably seems difficult to learn. Some people spend two weeks trying to land a Trapeze. But they do it ‘because’ it is a challenge. They have no fear or hesitation to learn anything.

If you are trying to improve your yoyoexpert skills, you shouldn’t need anything more than just following the YYE learn sections.

If as you stated that learning something too difficult is a waste of time; I would counter that learning something too easy is a waste of time.

‘Help picking tricks that look impressive’? < part of a tricks impressiveness is based on the style and flair of the player himself. Many intermediate tricks look impressive beyond their degree of actual difficulty simply because the player performs them so smoooothly and effortlessly.

I have seen many players over the years that can do some high level tricks but they throw like Robots. They make all the moves but move so mechanically that nothing looks impressive.

Part of the impulse to yoyo ‘is’ the challenge to learn tricks.

Not to develop a number scale so people can pick out easy peazy tricks, haha.

Fear no trick…

I think the only scale missing in the World at the present time is a number scale that warns you when you go into a Mexican Restaurant which salsas are more likely to burn the chrome off your exhaust pipes.

Those who shy away from challenging tricks are not yoers. They are posers.

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I’ve always found that how impressive a trick is has more to do with presentation and/ or smoothness than any technical ability.

A solid “Walk the Dog” will beat a sloppy “Magic Super Hyper Quad Solar Moonstorm GT” every time…

It’s true, it’s not really a definite scale, but I also envisioned people using this to quantify what the trick was like for them (both learning, and how much they thought it was cool)

yes I agree with this completely. But when you’re just beginning and your eyes are bigger than your stomach, it’s a lot to take on. Many want to have visually appealing tricks that they are capable of doing/learning. I am a stronger believer of starting sith fundimentals and working uour way up the ladder. But I never said that you shouldn’t attack tricks you aren’t exactly prepared for. I just started not long ago and don’t have every day to practice since I have a family but I really wanted to learn rancid milk cause it looked cool and fun to do. Def bit off more than i could chew. But after time breaking it down, and lots of frustration, I finally landed it yesterday after working on this for weeks. And now I can get through it without taking a pause. Everyone here strives for progression(or should be), but it helps to know which next step is going to help you grow faster and stronger to move forward.

I agree with a bunch of these other people. Yoyoing just can;t be boxed up like that. It’s abstract kinda like art. Sometimes you just can’t categorize things. It’s too fluid and always changing.

It sounds like you are looking for easy tricks that look good.
I can respect that. A few of those will help beef up your repertoire since magic drop is not going to really impress the average person on the street.

But, I don’t know if a scale is the best way to do that.
There are a couple threads around here that are looking to do the same thing, so you could check that out. Or you could start your own set of tutorials for such tricks.

I see what you are saying, but to one person, a trick may be impressive, while another thinks it’s lame. Same goes for difficulty. It is all dependent on the person rating them.