Doing my thing with the Amplifier, because why not? Watch in high quality. Enjoy  :wink:


Excellent video man. I love your style!


Nice! :slight_smile: On a side note, the spinning yoyo at the beginning was beautiful :D.


this is great


Glad Reid bumped this one up, as I hadn’t seen it. Love that last horizontal sequence not because it was the slickest set of tricks (I dig your slacky whippy stuff more!) but because you had this look on your face like, “I’m totally improvising this right now, and pulling it off!”… a spur of the moment bit of success caught on video. :wink:


Talk about necroing an old video :smiley: This video didn’t get too many comments, so I thought it wasn’t as good as some other videos.

I was just Watching this video again and noticed tricks in here that either changed, or don’t really exist anymore. I think at this time I was experimenting with that slack “Figure 8” trick and how to work it into a combo and a drop I had just learned.

It kind of strange to see how a couple of tricks have change in the 3 months this video has been out. Thanks guys for the compliments and the bump 8)


cringes a bit some of these tricks are pretty bad. Some of the landings are so… Not good. A few of those tricks are kind of hard to watch for me because some were unfinished, some don’t look the way they do anymore, and one in particular doesn’t exist anymore.

Everything in the combo starting at 0:45 has been taken apart and split up and those elements were used in 3 or 4 completely different tricks that have been made since that video’s been uploaded. There’s still one part of it that I’m still trying to figure out a use for. Progress at its finest.


Where did you learn the 1.5 laceration/whip? If you could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it!

(Khent G) #9

Dude, I must say you are really good. Pro material right here!



This is 3 months old man!! Thanks for the compliment, but if you want more up to date tricks go watch “Lazy Afternoon” and “Model 10”.