Amplified Return Tops:Shout


hey Guys! I made a video for the new yoyo for Amplified Return Tops  for their new yoyo Shout. anyways thought you guys would like it (and yes i actually got to test the yoyo)  ;D




Excellent tricks. Really like the tech. I’d like a speed combo in there too but that’s just personal preference. Really Awesome


Wow! Incredibly well done. You obviously really like the yoyo because you seem very natural with it.


yeah i actually have a few speed combos but, they tend to get overused though. Besides I really wanted to showcase some of my newer combos and tricks I have been working on for the past few months.

(Amplified) #6

Extremely nice. The tech and picture tricks were very interesting. It was a bit long, but very watchable. I enjoyed every second!

(Erik Kerber ) #7

Cool tricks abby I had alot of fun with the editing on that one.