AMAZING PACKAGE DEAL! Slasher, Bassacuda, Kilter2

I have this amazing kit I made for sale ONLY! Please do not offer trades, I just had shoulder surgery and will not be able to return to work for a while, so I need the money.

Bassacuda - sanded rims, damaged but now sanded off, smooth, no box
Kilter2 - near mint, smooth, no box

10 Vosun strings
20 Kitty normal
30 Kitty nylon
MFD sample pack

Handmade yoyo holster

Each yoyo comes with either a CT or KK bearing

Amazing package! $60, plus $15 for international shipping

I ALSO have this TOTALLY MIB Slasher, thats dead smooth!
$120 + $15 for shipping. Sale only