Amateur YoYo Tournament in Florida?


I am a newer yo yo player living in Florida, and I was wondering, does anyone know of any amateur YoYo tournaments in Florida in the near future? Closest to central FL would be best.


I’m in the same boat as you actually. The only contest I know of that happens regularly is the Florida state completion. I know they have meets up on Tallahassee. But that’s not close to either of us :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see someone else in central FL. I am not going to go up to Tallahassee for a meet though, maybe if it were a tournament…

I’m still working on more Intermediate tricks on this site’s tutorials. I’m loving it so far.

There’s basically only Worlds and the Florida State Contest.

Well then I guess I better get really good.

yea man im in fort walton beach fl. the panhandle. im looking for a tournament as well. i thought about going all the way to tallahasee but thats like a 5 hour drive. and i dont have a vehicle. i guess ill just try my luck at worlds.

Where in central Fl are you? There are at least 5 yoyoers on the space coast including me. There is also a meet in Orlando but not sure of the times. Most of those people are adults. There will be meets starting at Ron Jon’s surf shop sometime soon but nothing is hashed out yet. West side near Tampa also has some great throwers like landon balk. Owner of 3yo3 yoyos.

I live near tampa ;D yay! Finally some other throwers near me!!!

I know some yoyo competitions like PNWR offer a novice freestyle division.

Hey I live in volusia county if there’s anyone close we can start up a meet up or something, I live near 4 throwers at my school so if we can get more that would be cool. We really need to get a bigger community in central Florida!

Hmmm. This year Florida states was in Tampa. next year the date is set at March 2nd, but no location yet.