almost a year

about a year sorry its a little blurry let me know what you think

well when i could see the string it was prety good but i suggest you wear a dark shirt and use a bright string

Sorry, but not very good to be almost a year I’ve been going for about 3 months and have far surpassed you work hard and learn more advanced tricks.

You could’ve put that in a nicer way. Everyone learns in there own pace, it doesn’t matter if he is good or not… what matters is that he is enjoying what he does.

Wow really? Are you putting him down, bragging, or a little of both?

not cool

EDIT: It’s quite possible that he doesn’t exactly yoyo obsessively, and just does it every now and again. Because of this, I feel it is only fair to be supportive no matter what his pace is. Being a Pick-stuff-up-fast kind of guy, I know what it’s like to almost feel superior over others that have been working harder to get to the same point. Note how I say almost, since I have a mature attitude towards people who are learning.

Try to be constructive and supportive in your comments please.

@OP Nice work, I actually prefer seeing players take their time like you so they can learn each trick inside out instead of progressing too fast and not being able to perform the trick smoothly

well theres no proof your better than him and youll never be better than him for one its an opinion.
lets see one of your videos if you want to put down others i bet you probally worse than him because you want to put down others to feel better about your self

yeah wear a dark shirt with bright string. but pretty good!

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He’s putting down that guy, so he can make himself feel good. That’s what’s going on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your posts are ALWAYS so negative. That wasn’t cool man. If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all. I think we should leave this topic alone or get back on topic so it doesn’t escalate any further. There’s only two comments for this guy’s video. He worked hard on it.

Good video! :wink:

love the video!

thanks everyone i make my own string and the one i was useing is like blue but it whips so nicely i will use yellow highlights next time with a black shirt

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